Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Hair Do's

Although summer is ending in a month, it is never too late to explore new hair options. Here are three easy summer styles that will go with any outfit and you can debut at the beach, a bar, the club, a party or a bbq.

Flirty, Curly Side Ponytail

need: curling iron, elastic band, bobby pins, hair brush

Use your hair brush to tease a small portion of your hair. Bring all of your hair to one side and secure it with the elastic band so that the ponytail is tight. If you have bangs, clip them to the back of your head with bobby pins. If you'd like to hide your elastic band, wrap a small portion of your hair around the elastic band until it no longer shows. Secure it with a bobby pin.
Next, curl your hair in sections, curling each section for about fifteen-thirty seconds, depending on how long it take your iron to curl your hair.  Then you are DONE! It is that easy!

Elegant Party Hair

need: curling iron, hair flower clip, hair brush, hair spray, heat protectant spray, bobby pins 
Brush your hair so that you get all the tangles out and your hair is smooth. Next twist a section of your hair by your ear at the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Spray the rest of your hair with heat protectant and let dry. Take out a section of your hair and clip back the rest. Curl the section (away from your face, starting in the middle of the hair, for fifteen seconds) and continue to do so with the remaining hair. Spray your hair lightly and then clip back your bangs (if you have them) with the flower clip. Then you are DONE! Simple, right?

Model/Bed Hair

need: curling iron, hair wax, hair brush, heat protectant, hair spray, hair clips
Know that 'just got out of bed but my hair still looks amazing' that models often sport? This is the hair that you are creating with this look.
Spray the heat protectant all over, especially on the ends of your hair. Let it dry for a minute or two. Next grab a section of your hair and clip the rest of your hair away. Brush out the section so that you get rid of any tangles. Curl your hair starting at the bottom and then bring it up towards your face. Hold for fifteen to twenty-five seconds. Slowly release. You should have a loose wavy look. Grab another section of hair and curl. Continue to do so with the rest of your hair until it is all curled. Next put some hair wax in your hand and rub your hands together. Then run your fingers throughout your hair, scrunching it so that it gets all throughout. This will create more texture in your hair.
To gain more volume, grab a section of the back of your hair towards the top and tease your hair with a brush. Brush it out and you will have a small poof. For even more volume and thickness, spray sections of your curled hair with hair spray all over your hair. If you want more texture, you can even add more wax once you are done, and separate the curls. That's it! Sexy, huh?

All of these looks are simple and easy to do. They don't take much time so you can do them before work or right before going out!

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