Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beat Food Cravings

We all have those foods that we KNOW are bad for us, yet we keep on eating anyway. There are ways to fight off the cravings, though.
Here are some tips to go about fighting those cravings...

Know your weaknesses

If you know what you just CAN'T live without, then you can help to control the cravings-by staying AWAY from these foods. Don't bother buying them and stay away from those ailes in the grocery store.

Keep junk food OUT

Don't even bother to buy junk food because you know that you will eat it-and lots of it! If you don't buy it, then you are less likely to gorge on chips, cookies, ice cream, etc, that is bad for you.

Find a healthy alternative

You can fake out your brain into thinking that what you are eating is just like the real thing and avoid the cravings and the calories by eating foods that are close to what you're craving. Love sweets? Try eating fruits, which are already naturally sweet. Need something creamy? Try a low-fat yogurt, such as Greek yogurt, which has lower sugar than other yogurts with fruit in them. If you still want the fruit, try adding in your own fruits-such as blueberries or strawberries, which would be in the yogurt that you are used to eating.

Set a time limit

Set a timer for an hour (at the most), and if you are still craving the food that you wanted before, let yourself have some-but just a small amount (ie: if it's a cookie, eat a snack size) Then after you've eaten it ( or if you don't want it) do something else with your time-such as reorganize your closet, vacuum, do the dishes, laundry, go for a walk, etc. Most cravings don't last more than 20 minutes to 30 minutes, so if you keep yourself busy within that hour, you won't have cravings after the hour is up.

Cleanse your palate

To get rid of a craving, brush your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, or chew some gum. Nothing tastes good after you have had mint in your mouth, so you won't have those cravings, and even if you have indulged into your cravings, then you won't want more after you've got that mint in your mouth.

Include a friend

When we are stressed or upset, we often go to grab those comfort foods. Instead, call a friend up and chat about what is bothering you. Don't text because you can multitask and if the person doesn't respond, then that gives you more reason to indulge. Having a friend's support will ease away the pain for awhile and get it off your mind-not only this, but it'll get food off your mind.