Monday, December 3, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

Here are a few of my favorite things that make for perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays!! Which is your favorite???

Dermstore Lip Quench- Not only is this perfect for chapped lips (who wants that during a wedding) but it adds a hint of color to your lips as well. No need for lip gloss!

Jergens Natural Glow- For the perfect natural tan, this is the solution. It adds a tinted glow to your skin without the harmful affects of UV light. Who wants to look pale on their big day?

VS PRO Radiant FX Face Illuminator- This is specially designed to replicate the perfecting glow of a soft-focus flash. This sheer, liquid-pearl formula blends effortlessly to diffuse the look of imperfections and give skin a warm glow. 
Fab in a Flash- Look like you spent an hour on your makeup with this 3-piece collection of mini grab-and-go essentials, perfect for primping on the run. The kit includes waterproof eyeliner, volumizing mascara and 100% natural lipgloss. 

Natural Whipped Body and Hand Butter- This all natural body lotion is handcrafted, made with shea butter and coconut oil.  
The creamy formula hydrates your skin with long lasting results. We love it because of the creamy whip, which adds moisture and brings a healthy look to your skin. 



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not In My Make-Up Bag

I've recently come across some products that I'd like to try out so I thought I'd list them here and then give you an update once I have used them.

Dermstore Lip Quench- I have always used regular chapped stick when it came to dry lips, but today I found this little gem. It sounds too good to be true but I am excited to try it. My favorite thing about it that it not only acts as a chapped stick but that it adds a hint of color to your lips as well. No need for lip gloss.

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer and Treatment Gel- I am prone to acne so not sure if this will actually clear up any zits, as most products I try do not but this is two-in-one product couldn't hurt. I love that it has salicylic acid; claiming it cures your zits as it covers them.

Philosophy clear days ahead acne trial kit- aGAIN,  AM wary OF ANY PRODUCTS THAT CLAIM TO CLEAR ACNE BUT i KNOW philosophy IS A GOOD COMPANY (FROM WHAT i'VE HEARD) AND THIS KIT GIVES ME THE LUXURY OF TRYING ALL OF THE PRODUCTS IN THEIR ACNE SKIN CARE LINE WITHOUT PAYING A LOT. i GET THE oil-free salicylic acid acne treatment cleanser, oil-free salicylic acid acne treatment & moisturizer,  overnight repair salicylic acid acne treatment pads and fast-acting salicylic acid acne spot treatment. tHE BEST PART IS THAT IT COSTS AS MUCH AS ONE PRODUCT OR TWO COMBINED! 

WHat products are you trying out this Fall???

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taylor Swift Inspired First Date Look

Taylor Swift's latest style trend (besides her iconic RED lips to coincide with her new album with the same title) is her shorts. At her recent performances she's sung her new songs in stylish high-waisted tailored shorts.

And she's right in with the trends because this exact style can be achieved at Forever 21! Perfect for a Fall first date! Check out some of their high-waisted shorts...

High-Waisted Metallic 

Frayed Ribbon Pocket

Textured Jacquard

Matelasse Floral High-Rise

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Emmys Fashion

Taking after Vera Wang herself, there was a lot of color on the red carpet last night at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Between the yellows, blues and greens, everyone looked elegant.

The most notable fashion statements of the night were the one-shouldered gowns. Hayden-Panettiere in Marchesa, Kelly Osborne in Zac Posen, and Jessica Pare in Jason Wu all rocked the red carpet in this style.
  Another fabulous trend on the Emmy carpet was the one-shouldered draping gowns, like the one seen here on Julia-Louis-Dreyfus by Vera Wang. You can re-create this look with gowns from David Bridal.  Choose from a One Shoulder Satin Dress with Beaded Detail  Bridesmaid dress or a One Shoulder Gown with Asymmetrically Draped Skirt by Vera Wang. 

Would you don a one-shoulder bridal gown for your wedding day?

As far as bridesmaid inspiration, sticking to the classics like these three did at the Emmys, is the way to go. Maria Menounos, Hilaria Thomas and Sarah Hyland were all gorgeous in their detailed ruffled gowns. Our personal favorite is Hilaria Thomas.


Did you watch the Emmys last night? If so, who wore it best in your opinion???

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jenna Lou Designs

Brides- want a cute, unique and affordable gift for your bridesmaids? Jenna Lou Designs has a great idea!

Create your own custom made 5" clutches from hundreds of fabrics for just $25! Choose your fabric and add ons like custom woven labels with your personal message and custom embroidery.

For more information on building your own custom clutches, visit

To make sure your bridesmaids take advantage of these clutches, make sure to fill them with lipgloss, tissues, schedules, gum and any other items they may need throughout your big day!

Newly Maid

Bridesmaids- hate that feeling of 'what do I do with my dress after the wedding'? Well now there is a solution! 

NewlyMaid  let's you recycle your old bridesmaid dress and in exchange, get a new little black dress! 

The 3 step process is SO simple: purchase your new little black dressselect an old bridesmaid dress that you won't ever wear againmail your old bridesmaid dress to NewlyMaid. The best part? When you receive your new little black dress from, you will also receive a mailer, packaging, and a prepaid shipping label to send us your old bridesmaid dress.

Browse NewlyMaid's latest selection of dresses and find the perfect Little Black Dress for any occasion and they'll either donate your old dress to Clothes4Souls or recycle it. 

Happy shopping! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Your wedding day is one of the most, if not the most, important day for any bride, and all hope nothing goes wrong but what IF something WERE to go wrong? What do you do?
Here are a few tips and tricks from Brides Magazine that you should have up your sleeve in case of disaster. 

What do I do if a zipper breaks?
Safety pins, it seems, couldn't be more valuable when it comes to curing wedding-day beauty emergencies big and small. Here's one more reason why you may want to stick more than one in your clutch: zipper malfunctions. "Just before she walked down the aisle," Jessica Harris recalls, "a dainty little grandmother approached me and motioned to the back of her dress where the full length zipper was broken from neck to tailbone! We delayed the beginning of the ceremony so I could use large safety pins to secure her dress from the inside. No one could see the safety pins, and she walked down the aisle without giving the other guests a show."

What do I do if I get a run in my stockings?
"Clear nail polish often helps with this," explains Dana Wood. "But if you're really freaked-out at the size of the snag, ditch the stockings altogether! Just make sure your legs are moisturized—no flaky flakes!"

What do I do if I break the heel on my shoe?
Your walk down the aisle should be dramatic, but not because the heel of your shoe suddenly snaps. "Make sure your shoes are not poorly made," urges Brides fashion director Rachel Leonard. "Practice walking in them a few days before the wedding to scuff up the soles a bit." This will help to prevent any slips or falls. If you do break a heel, all hope is not lost."Bring a hot glue gun," suggests Heather Minicucci, "and then you can glue the heel back together."

What do I do if my engagement ring gets stuck on the wrong hand?
"Soak your hand in ice water to get some swelling down," says Angel Swanson, "then use any slippery goo to wiggle the ring off. Anything from butter to oil to hair conditioner to lotion can be used. Wiggle and turn slowly and gently avoid unnecessary manipulation, which may lead to additional swelling."

For more tips for the big day, visit 

NOTE: Having an emergency kit on hand, full of band aids, scissors, kleenex, stain remover, lint roller, etc is also a great idea in case of any other scares. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


DAY- Sept 6

This outfit looks A LOT cuter in person.

cardigan- Ross
tank top- Ebay
jeans- Ross(?) They're old...
shoes- Payless

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is my first post for my new installment of WHAT TO WEAR. Recently I have grown to love fashion and have noticed a lot of people my age and business women posting daily what they wear, so I decided to give it a go!

So without further a do...

DAY- Sept 4

jacket- Ebay
tank top- Forever 21
shoes- Payless
jeans- Ross


Yes I know my mirror is dirty. Cleaned it. (see photo below)

vest- Ross (?) 
tank top- Forever 21
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Ebay 

DAY-Sept 5

jacket- Ebay
t shirt- Target
jeans- Ross
shoes- Payless

Monday, September 3, 2012

How To: Wear a Veil

                         How To: Wear a Veil 

There IS indeed an art to wearing a veil. Some brides like wearing theres forward, some like wearing it all the way in the back. So which bride will you be? Find out by reading these steps on how to wear a veil, brought to you by Wedding Magazine

DO: Choose a veil that suits your dress, not your hair ’do.
The selection of a veil must be based entirely on what type of dress you decide to go with, and the hair styled accordingly.

DO: Bear in mind that how you wear your veil will affect your look 
A front-positioned veil tends to dominate the bridal style, but works very well if your hair is slicked back into a bun or roll. Veils worn behind a headband or tiara look best when hair is worn down and lightly curled.

Wearing a veil at the crown looks great if you have a discreet up-do or if you’re going for a half-up half-down effect. Attaching the veil to the crown area is also a good way to achieve height if you’re opting for a down-do. 

DO: Think about using a hair piece to hold your veil in place if you choose to
wear it down
Using a small hairpiece at the crown means the hair can be worn down, but it gives you something to attach the veil behind or in front of. If you don’t want to opt for a hairpiece, wearing a tiara and attaching the veil behind it will give you a point of attachment. 

DO: Consider your wedding location when opting for a veil
Really think about how you wear your veil if you are getting married somewhere unshielded from the wind, such as a country estate or park. You will be spending a lot of time outside in the grounds to get the perfect shots, and if it’s a windy day your veil could start blowing around and lifting up, which won’t make for the best photos.

DO: Have a practice run on your hair with your veil secured in place
When you’re having your hair trial, don’t forget to take your veil along with you. Also, someone, be it your mother or bridesmaid, should be on hand to help attach and take off the veil. This way they will understand how the veil is positioned, and know how to manoeuvre it once you’re ready to remove it.

And finally... DON'T go for a long veil if you have short hair, or if you intend to wear an understated dress.

Check out our veils at Happilyeverborrowed

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: Hair Flower Wrapping


When it comes to wedding hair, the simpler the better. The less time it will take to do hair for not only the bride but her bridal party, will make it easier on everyone. Luckily, there is a very cute DIY hair do featuring flower wrapping. This comes from Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department. Below is the step-by-step: 

TOOLS: Floral tape (can be purchased at craft stores, some flower shops or google it and buy it online), beading wire or floral wire, scissors and whatever type of flower you want. Note: use an open flat flower so it sits nicely against the head. My favorites are gardenias, fully bloomed and opened roses, lisianthus, orchids, and here I used ranunculus.
  1. Push your thin wire through the stem, close to the base of the flower. If the stem is stiff, try poking a needle through first.
  2. Drag the wire through and cut it. The 2 sides of wire should be even. Make the wire is an inch or 2 longer than the stem so you’ll have room to curl the bottom up like you see in picture # 7.
  3. Twist each wire around the stem a couple times, and then twist them around each. This will make the wire twice as strong.
  4. Grab your floral tape and start wrapping the stem from the base of the flower.
  5. Keep wrapping until you get all the way to the bottom.
  6. Snip the tape right where you feel the wire ends.
  7. Now roll the bottom back up to make a loop. Use that loop to secure the flower with a bobby pin. This makes the flower more sturdy and it stays alive longer because you’re not crushing the stem. (And always try to avoid spraying hairspray on the petals of your hair flower!) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Designer vs HappilyeverborroWED

 HappilyeverborroWED is known for giving brides designer pieces at a FRACTION of the cost. We provide women with the option to RENT verses buying hind end pieces that they'll only wear once. Below you will find practically identical bridal pieces from the designers themselves and then from HappilyeverborroWED. You can't beat a fraction of the cost for the same quality!



This pom pom flower hair accessory is $90 at David's Bridal and we rent it for $30. That's more than half the price!      

This Swarovski crystal floral headband is $179 at David's Bridal and we rent it for $70. That's 40% off!!   

This floral sash is $78 from Vera Wang but we rent it for $55. Ours also includes crystals to add some bling. 
This lace veil from David's Bridal is $200 and we rent it for $70. That is 35% off!    

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Fall Fashion Must Haves

boyfriend blazer- I LOVE LOVE blazers. Wear them with a skirt for a date, wear them with jeans on the weekend, or with slacks for work. The blazer just takes your outfit to the next level by dressing it up but not OVERDRESSING. It is a great look that you must have in your closet for year round.

boyfriend cardigan- These cardigans are SO cute and a necessity to your fall closet! I personally love the striped look because it adds a subtle pop of color and style. It can be warn with a long sleeve for a rainy day or over a tank top during a cool morning.

scarf- Most people think of scarves as a winter accessory but Fall is full of breezes, wind and sometimes rain, so they are a great add on to your Fall closet. My favorites are cashmere scarves as they are not only soft, but keep you EXTREMELY warm. Now this might not be ideal for Fall, but it's certainly an option for those cold and windy (or rainy) days.

polka dots- I am not one for polka dots usually, but I think it adds a pop of color to your wardrobe, if done correctly. Just having one blouse (my personal favorite is a dark blue with white dots) mixed with a sweater or great pair of jeans can add some much needed sophistication to your Fall style. Whether it's for a job interview or a drinks with the girls, a polka dot blouse does just the trick for dressing up a simple outfit.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

20 Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Get gorgeous and avoid wedding-day disasters with these 20 amazing makeup and beauty tips!

1. Tan at Least Two Days in Advance

If you're going to get a fake tan before the big day, spray-tan at least two days prior to your wedding, makeup artist Alexandra Andrade advises. "It'll darken on the second day, and by the third day, it'll have settled and be perfect."

2. Consider Climate Before Applying Makeup

Especially for brides getting married in warmer climates, consider using as many oil-free products as possible — primer, moisturizer, foundation, etc. — and keeping oil-free blotting sheets on hand.

3. Play Up Your Makeup for Photos

"Another general rule for brides," Alexandra says: "The camera will blow you out in photos. Put on a little more makeup than you would apply normally, more than you think you need, since the camera and lights will tone down your makeup." Don't drastically change your look from your every day look because you don't want to look abnormal, but just add to what you usually wear. 
If you're doing your own makeup: Practice and take pictures before the big day. Start with less, because it's easier to add more if you need it than having to remove excess makeup, which can get messy.

4. Use a Primer

"Especially with brides," Alexandra says, "you want to make sure you cleanse and really moisturize the skin before you start applying your makeup. Then, after you moisturize and before you put on your foundation, there's a really important step — primer. It'll make your makeup go on smoother and last a lot longer. You're going to have a long day ahead of you, and you want your makeup to last you all day and all night."
5. Apply Your Foundation with a Sponge or Brush
"Certain foundations work better with a sponge or brush," Alexandra says, "but definitely use either one or the other — never your fingers. The less you can touch your face, the better." (Bacteria, dirt, etc., can be left behind.) Your fingers can also leave behind fingerprints, "so the look isn't as smooth and finished-looking." If you use a sponge, apply foundation by stippling the sponge, not swiping it across the skin. This gives your foundation a more natural look, and blends it more evenly into the skin.

6. Put on Concealer After Your Foundation

"Your moisturizer, primer, and foundation are already going to even out skin and cover imperfections," Alexandra says, "so doing it before your foundation could leave you looking cakey with too much product." She also notes that it's important to use a different kind of concealer for your eyes than for your face. "It should be something very creamy and emollient — not necessarily oil-free, like you'll use on your face — so it doesn't get dry and cakey throughout the day," she says. "You also want to use something peach-based so it contrasts the the blue and purple tones of your eyelid."

7. Use Different Concealers

Your concealer choice depends on what you're covering. "If it's a blemish, red spot, or broken capillaries, use an oil-free, pigmented, thicker concealer with hints of yellow," Alexandra says. "For under your eyes, you want to use something with a little more peach in it to cover and contrast the blues and purples. It should be something emollient and creamy because there are no oil glands there. Sometimes you'll see women with dry, cakey concealer under eyes; their concealer is either oil-free or they have too much on." 
Make sure to use a brush to apply your concealer so you can really pinpoint the spot. Press gently and melt it into skin. Start thin — you can always add more.
8. Primer for Eye Shadow
Using an eye shadow primer ensures smudge-free makeup, a must when you're wearing all white.
9. For a Natural Makeup Look, Try a Cream Blush

It goes on sheer and looks healthy and fresh. If you want more staying power, try layering a powder blush on top of it.

10. You Can Learn Where to Place Your Blush Just by Smiling!

When you smile, the apple of your cheek pops out. Apply your blush there and blend into your temple — this will make it look like you're naturally flushing. Don't go too over the top otherwise you will look like a clown. 

11. An Eyebrow Pencil Is a Must-Have

Filling in your eyebrows may not be a daily occurance in your makeup routune, but for your big day, you will want to! Filling them in "really frames your eye and finishes the whole picture", says Alexandra. Not filling them in will make them look absent in pictures and no bride wants that!  A tip for finding the right color for your eyebrow pencil: Always go a shade or two lighter than your own natural eyebrow color.

12. Replace Pencil Eye Liner with Cake Liner

"Cake liner is a great product," Alexandra says. "Once you apply it, it lasts all day line — seriously, it really won't budge! A pencil can sometimes disappear — it has an oily, wax-y texture that can migrate down your skin."  If you do decide to use a pencil, Alexandra suggests setting it with some powder so it'll stay longer.
Regardless of which type of eyeliner you use, you'll want to make your lashes look thicker by filling in the roots of the lashes. "This is a place where many women don't traditionally line," Alexandra says, "but you'll see that it makes the eye pop and the lash line look a lot more plush." Apply by pressing in between the lash roots.

13. Use Eye-Enhancing Makeup Techniques

Focus darker eye shadow on the outside of eyes, moving lighter and brighter as you work in, "so you don't close off the eyes," Alexandra says. "You want them to look big, bright, and beautiful." If you accidentally mess up your make-up, simply take a Q-tip with make-up remover or some eye creme to remove the makeup. You don't want to risk ruining your foundation, so stay away from using wipes or tissue.

14. Get Wide-Awake Eyes in Seconds

"Always use a shimmer powder in the inner corners of your eyes before taking any photos," Alexandra says. This will give you a wide awake look, despite your lack of sleep. Use a brush with a smaller head to get right into the inner corners of the eyes.

15. Use Fake Lashes

"I recommend using false eyelashes for all brides or any special occasion where you'll be in pictures," Alexandra says. "They make your eyes look big and captivating." If you're going for a full-on sexy or glamorous look, use a full lash strip. However, for a more subtle look, use individual lashes. "Either way," she says, "always curl your lashes and do a coat of mascara first — then apply the fake lashes. After that, wait until the glue dries, use your eyelash curler again, and, finally, apply another coat of mascara."
Tip: Cut and measure false eyelashes before you apply them. You don't want them to extend past your natural lash line. For a great tutorial on how to apply false lashes, check out this post:

16. Waterproof Makeup Is a Must

"If you're worried you're going to cry on your wedding day," Alexandra suggests using "a great product by Benefit called She Laq that will seal everything." Take the She Laq (it comes with four different brushes for easy application) and put it all over your lid to seal in shadow and liner so it won't run when you cry.
And don't forget waterproof mascara! "Even if you don't like waterproof," she says, "use it as an extra coat over your other mascara. And, if you're wearing false lashes, use a glue that's waterproof, too."

17. Do Some Prep Work — on Your Lips

Put lip balm on your lips before gloss or lipstick so they're not dry and flaky. For a wonderful tutorial on how to remove cracked lips before applying lipstick, check out this post: Then, fill in your entire lip with a lip pencil, which will hold the color longer. "For brides who just want to wear a gloss, prepare for it to fade," Alexandra says. "However, a lip pencil will help you keep some of that color longer."

18. Carry a Few Touch-Up Products in Your Makeup Bag

"Carry at least your lip color," Alexandra says, "as that's what'll wear out the fastest and need to be touched up the most." If you use good quality face and eye primers, everything else should stay in place.
She also advises keeping some oil blotting sheets on hand. "If you don't want to keep piling on powder throughout the day, make sure you also have some oil-absorbing sheets so you’re not just adding on more and more makeup. You can switch on and off — an application of powder, then the oil-absorbing sheets, and so on."
Q-tips are another great item to carry around with you. Makeup can collect in the inner corners of your eyes, and you can use the q-tips to clean them out.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist: 6 Must-Have Items

Brides- wedding gown shopping can be overwhelming and for those who have never gone wedding gown shopping before, you won't know the dos/don'ts of dress shopping. So here is a compiled list of items to bring WITH you to make your experience a breeze.

1. Tape measure. This is something you should always have with you when out running wedding-related errands. For your hair trial, for example, you may want to know how far down your dress starts from your shoulders/neck. If you’ve chosen a short dress, you might also want to note where the dress ends. It also will come in handy when buying heels if you have not done so. You never know what type of measurements you’ll need, so bring a tape measure and jot down a few specifics. Keep it in your wallet so it’s always with you.

2.  Wedding shoes. For those brides wearing heels, especially ones that will be adding extra height, you want to ensure that your dress is hemmed to the correct measurements with you IN your shoes. If you have yet to buy your shoes, bring one of your favorite pairs or heels with the size heel you'll be wearing on your big day.

3. Jewelry. You will want to bring your jewelry with you as you try on dresses because you will want to see how they look with the jewelry you've selected. If your dress is low cut or strapless, this might affect how long (or short) your necklace needs to be.

4. Inspiration. Whether it's actual photos of dresses that you'd like to try on, or just styles that you like, make sure to bring some sort of reference. This makes it SO much easier for the sales ladies to pull dresses than to have to pull every dress in the store. Not only will you get out of their faster, it'll make your life easier to try on less dresses but bringing specific styles that you like.

5. Camera. You won't be able to take pictures of the gowns that you actually try on, but once you have paid for the one that you are going to wear down the aisle, you can take photos so that you can reference back to it when shopping for accessories.

6. Tissues- Your mom (and maybe even yourself) is sure to break out into tears, so you will want to bring a pack of tissues with you so that you have them on hand. Some dress shops have them, but just to be on the safe side, bring your own.

Lastly-HAVE FUN!!!! This is (hopefully) going to be a ONE time experience, so you will want to remember it all and not stress so much.