Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Apps

It's no secret that technology helps us in our daily lives-including on our phones. The iPhone even had a commercial in 2009 phrasing "there's an app for that" and since then, more and more apps have been created for both the iPhone and the iPad. So why not for weddings? In fact- there IS an app for that! There's many to chose from-so which one is the best?  Here is a break down of some of the wedding apps...

Many of the amazing wedding planning sites now have their own apps so I have created a list of the apps that belong with these sites, because, we know, from using their sites, that they are the real thing.

**Vera Wang
The popular designer has done a lot this year-created a wedding gown collection in corporation with David's Bridal that not only includes dresses but shoes and purses as well-and now it's no surprise that she has an app as well. Vera Wang on Weddings "includes Vera’s personal style advice, planning expertise, thousands of images and much more. A must-have for all brides!" The app even has a inspiration board section, just like you would create on Pinterest or your wedding planner would come up with, and a task section so that you can remember all that you have to do before the big day.And if that doesn't convince you-it's FREE! 

**The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner
Wedding planning site The Knot, which has everything under the sun, including dresses, vendors, planning tools and registries, has come up with an app that has everything that their site has to offer and more. Whether it is keeping track of guests or the ideas in your head, this app is perfect for the bride who wants to stay organized in an easy way. 

**Wedding 911 by The Knot
The Knot has not one but TWO apps and this app is for the busy bride who cannot afford their own planner but needs to know details during the wedding, such as when to cut the cake, how to line up the wedding party, etc. Any questions a bride may have, this app has the answers! 

**Plan Your Wedding With Mindy Weiss
Famous wedding planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss has her own app and although it'll cost you $7.99, you will "get an inside look at some of the weddings I've already planned and will have access to unique ideas..," says Weiss. The app is full of videos (15 to be exact) with the latest trends of dresses, flowers, cakes, center pieces, etc. Organize your big day with the help of 'Get Organized', which will help you save time and keep you on budget, and in 'Mindy's World' you will get updated with all of the latest trends in the wedding world. If you are willing to splurge on this app, it'll be worth the money!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day is on Tuesday but that's not the only time to spread the love. The following (intended for the holiday) can be used for weddings as well. 

Place them on your wedding cake, use in goodie bags as favors or include them in your table decorations, these candy hearts are cute and easy to make!

Valentine's Day cards can simply turn into save the dates, invitations or even escort cards. That simple!

Valentines can be used in more way than one. These say "Love is ______." Have guests fill in the blank with famous quotes or song lyrics with the author's name and close pin them to ribbon hanging at your reception. Makes for a fun interactive for guests and a pretty decor.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting, much like any production lighting, makes the difference at any event. Besides brighting up the space, lighting can create a mood and ambiance. With the right coloring, lights can go along with the theme and atmosphere you want your wedding to achieve. Just check out the pictures below from real weddings to see what I am talking about...


The next best thing after Pinterest? Etsy! I stumbled upon this web site when looking through event inspiration boards and they had a link to it. So what IS Etsy? Simply put, it's a place where you can buy different things- cupcake flags, clothing, make-up, hand made invitations, etc. I love going on there and finding different things to use for my events and parties. For instance, I found cute green and red polka dot cupcake liners and printable cupcake toppers for the Christmas party my parents and I threw over winter break. Most recently I purchased eyeshadows that are vegan, therefore, being healthy and not harmful to the skin.

So what is the difference between Etsy and say purchasing something on Ebay, Amizon or at a regular store? Etsy's prices are low and so is the shipping. Most of the people selling their items hand made them or created them themselves. Ultimately, their goal is for people to discover their business' site, therefore, keeping prices relatively low. If you buy something that's "printable", they simply e-mail you a link to where you can print the item. No waiting for it to arrive in the mail. So easy!

Etsy is a great place to find unique items that may not be available elsewhere. So happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Victoria Has the Secret

Victoria's Secret has it covered for those last minute Valentine's. Whether you wanna send your honey something at work or remind mom or dad that you love them, the lingerie store has the perfect solution- ecards. Send someone you love an ecard by choosing the style and words you'd wish to send. Make it fun or sexy, but it's a really easy (and free) way to show your love.

To create your own Valentine's Day ecard, go to: 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anti-Valentine's Day Plans

Just because you are single on Valentine's Day doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. Some call it singles awareness day, but this year I like to refer to it as anti-valentine's day. Now, I LOVE Valentine's Day because it's not only a sexy holiday but it's full of my favorite color pink and my favorite thing in the world-chocolate.

This year, after 2 years of spending Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, I am single and spending it with another newly single girlfriend to keep each other's company and have some fun. Our plans? I'll keep that a secret but here are some ideas for you and your girls to keep in mind....

1. Hit up the mall.  Every girl loves to go shopping and this year Bath and Body Works is having a Valentine's Day celebration on Saturday, Feb. 11th. Sample new fragrances, get a special gift with a purchase, enter a contest to go to Hawaii, and vote for your favorite fragrance. For event details, visit their site: 

2. Watch "Sex and The City." Episodes, the movies, doesn't matter. I know it's cliche but it is one of my favorite shows. I can watch it over and over again. There's nothing like seeing others deal with the same problems you have to make you feel better.

3. Stop by your local cupcake shop. Since cupcakes are the new 'thing', there are small shops all over the place. They're mini cakes that do the trick when craving something sweet. Grab one or a dozen to share with friends.

4. Hit up the local bar. I know this is tacky but dancing and drinking with girlfriends will take your mind off boys and Valentine's Day. (just don't get wasted and make sure to have a DD) A lot of places have singles nights for Valentine's Day as well as karaoke and happy hour specials.

5. Go see a movie. "The Vow" is coming out just in time for Valentine's Day and who can say no to seeing Channing Tatum on the big screen?? Don't have the money for a movie? Rent one or watch one for free online. There are a lot of movies that will cheer you up. Whether it be "Valentine's Day" or "I Hate Valentine's Day", "The Notebook" or "A Walk To Remember", these are the perfect films to cope with this holiday.

6. Have a sleepover. Combine all of these things and end the night gossiping and eating popcorn like it's middle school all over again. Watch a scary movie to take the edge off or make some snacks and play truth or dare. A pajama jam might just be what you need.

You don't need a partner to enjoy Valentine's Day! Spend it with family or friends, just not alone. Spending it alone will just make it more depressing. Come up with some ideas and see if a girlfriend or two are down to join you.

Simple and Elegant Wedding Hair

Half-Up Braided Hairstyle

hair brush
curling iron
hair spray
plastic hair ties

Brush your hair thoroughly and then start making sections out of the front of your hair. Braid half way into the middle and secure with a plastic hair tie. Next, slowly pull out sections of the braid that you just created to create a fuller braid. Take the opposite side of your hair and braid. Repeat the same   Take one of the braids and pull to the back of your head. Pin in the back. Take the other section of braid and pull back to your head and secure. Take any hair that sticks out and hide it under the braid by sticking it underneath and pinning.

Next, curl the remaining hair in one inch sections, holding for about 20 seconds. Once you have done this throughout your hair, spray the hair spray all over your curled hair. The result is a simple and romantic half up do, perfect for a night out or a date night.

Low Bun

hair brush
rat tail comb
hair tie

Brush through your hair and then part it on the side. Bring your hair back and use the rat tail comb to drag your hair back. Brush your hair again so that it stays to the side of the part. Pull your hair into a ponytail with the hair tie. Next, place the chignon through the pony tail and fan out the hair so that it covers the chignon. Make sure that the hair is distributed evenly. Then hide the hair underneath the hair of the bun you just created. Basically, tuck it under. Secure it with bobbypins around the entire bun so that nothing falls out of place. Next, set it with hair spray so that it does not move or come undone.  You get a simple yet beautiful bun for work or a day out.

images provided by luxy hair