Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Apps

It's no secret that technology helps us in our daily lives-including on our phones. The iPhone even had a commercial in 2009 phrasing "there's an app for that" and since then, more and more apps have been created for both the iPhone and the iPad. So why not for weddings? In fact- there IS an app for that! There's many to chose from-so which one is the best?  Here is a break down of some of the wedding apps...

Many of the amazing wedding planning sites now have their own apps so I have created a list of the apps that belong with these sites, because, we know, from using their sites, that they are the real thing.

**Vera Wang
The popular designer has done a lot this year-created a wedding gown collection in corporation with David's Bridal that not only includes dresses but shoes and purses as well-and now it's no surprise that she has an app as well. Vera Wang on Weddings "includes Vera’s personal style advice, planning expertise, thousands of images and much more. A must-have for all brides!" The app even has a inspiration board section, just like you would create on Pinterest or your wedding planner would come up with, and a task section so that you can remember all that you have to do before the big day.And if that doesn't convince you-it's FREE! 

**The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner
Wedding planning site The Knot, which has everything under the sun, including dresses, vendors, planning tools and registries, has come up with an app that has everything that their site has to offer and more. Whether it is keeping track of guests or the ideas in your head, this app is perfect for the bride who wants to stay organized in an easy way. 

**Wedding 911 by The Knot
The Knot has not one but TWO apps and this app is for the busy bride who cannot afford their own planner but needs to know details during the wedding, such as when to cut the cake, how to line up the wedding party, etc. Any questions a bride may have, this app has the answers! 

**Plan Your Wedding With Mindy Weiss
Famous wedding planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss has her own app and although it'll cost you $7.99, you will "get an inside look at some of the weddings I've already planned and will have access to unique ideas..," says Weiss. The app is full of videos (15 to be exact) with the latest trends of dresses, flowers, cakes, center pieces, etc. Organize your big day with the help of 'Get Organized', which will help you save time and keep you on budget, and in 'Mindy's World' you will get updated with all of the latest trends in the wedding world. If you are willing to splurge on this app, it'll be worth the money!

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