Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple and Elegant Wedding Hair

Half-Up Braided Hairstyle

hair brush
curling iron
hair spray
plastic hair ties

Brush your hair thoroughly and then start making sections out of the front of your hair. Braid half way into the middle and secure with a plastic hair tie. Next, slowly pull out sections of the braid that you just created to create a fuller braid. Take the opposite side of your hair and braid. Repeat the same   Take one of the braids and pull to the back of your head. Pin in the back. Take the other section of braid and pull back to your head and secure. Take any hair that sticks out and hide it under the braid by sticking it underneath and pinning.

Next, curl the remaining hair in one inch sections, holding for about 20 seconds. Once you have done this throughout your hair, spray the hair spray all over your curled hair. The result is a simple and romantic half up do, perfect for a night out or a date night.

Low Bun

hair brush
rat tail comb
hair tie

Brush through your hair and then part it on the side. Bring your hair back and use the rat tail comb to drag your hair back. Brush your hair again so that it stays to the side of the part. Pull your hair into a ponytail with the hair tie. Next, place the chignon through the pony tail and fan out the hair so that it covers the chignon. Make sure that the hair is distributed evenly. Then hide the hair underneath the hair of the bun you just created. Basically, tuck it under. Secure it with bobbypins around the entire bun so that nothing falls out of place. Next, set it with hair spray so that it does not move or come undone.  You get a simple yet beautiful bun for work or a day out.

images provided by luxy hair

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