Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cynthia Nixon Wedding

Cynthia Nixon, known for playing lawyer-turned-mother Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City,  married her partner of eight years over the weekend. Miranda, much like Cynthia herself, has had an evolution of fashion over the years. In order to celebrate her marriage, we decided to take a look at that evolution.


From turtle necks and suits to the endless amount of black dresses worn my Nixon's character throughout the series, Miranda's fashion style made a turn for a more sophisticated style of designer dresses in the series-based movies.  

Miranda Hobbes married Steve Brady in an intimate wedding in the park during the series. When out shopping for a dress, Miranda told the sales lady,  "I said no white, no ivory. No nothing that says 'virgin.' I have a child. The jig is up." Instead, she opted for a velvet crimson jacket and matching skirt. (seen below)

So what did Nixon wear to her  OWN wedding? A light green Carolina Herrera gown- fresh from the runway! 

For more cool green wedding dresses, visit Glamour Magazine's site. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bridal Hair

Spring is almost over, which means summer weddings are just around the corner. So how does one do their hair for a summer wedding? Check out three styles we love, below:

1) Cute and Easy Up-Do

need: headband

Start with curled hair and tease the crown of your hair at the routes so it creates volume. Next, smooth it out and then put the headband on top of your head. Grab sections of your hair and tuck them into the headband. When you are done, frame your face by tucking in any remaining hair. It is THAT simple!

**pair this with our Terri Headband for a fun and simple look**

2) Upside Down French Braid Bun

need: small elastic bands, bobby pins and elastic, brush, hair mouse, chignon 

We recommend doing this with hair that is a day or two dirty (not with freshly washed), because it makes it easier to braid. Flip your hair upside down, brush it and then apply some mouse throughout your hair. Once done, separate a section of your hair at the naple of your neck. Seperate that section into three strands; bring the left strand over the middle and the right strand over the middle. Make sure that you are holding onto it nice and tight. Seperate another section of hair and bring it into the same section and repeat over and over (like you would for a french braid). Once you've reached the crown of your head, take the elastic and secure the braid. Brush your hair into the center and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure with another elastic band. Take the chignon and put it over the ponytail and fountain out your hair all around the chignon. Tuck your hair underneath the bun all around and secure with bobbypins around the entire bun.

**pair this with our Leigh Comb for a gorgeous dramatic look!**

3) Valentine's Day/ Classic and Romantic Half up/Half Down Up-Do

need: curler, hair brush, bobbypins, hair spray, heat spray

Brush your hair thoroughly so there are no tangles. Bring forward your bangs and bobbypin them away from your face. Tease the crown of your head by spraying the hair spray on your brush and then teasing. Grab more hair from the top and repeat. Repeat one more time and then smooth your hair out with the brush. Pull back some of the hair from your right side and bobbypin back. Release the previously pinned back front portion of your hair (the bangs) and pin back a small portion of your hair. Brush your bangs and tease slightly with hair spray so there is volume. Bring the bangs back towards your ear and secure with a bobbypin.
Next, spray your hair with heat protectant to prepare for curling. Let it dry and start taking the bottom section of your hair and start curling from the middle, down. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat for the rest of your hair, curling by sections.  (note: it helps to clip back the sections of your hair that you are not curling so they are out of the way) When done, spray the hair with hair spray. And you are DONE.

**pair this with our Kate Tiara for a complete romantic look!**

For complete video tutorials, go to:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Famous Brides

There's a whole lot of famous brides out there (in tv and movies). Here are our favorites...

Paige in "The Vow", wearing Betsey Johnson

Dr Izzie Stevens in "Grey's Anatomy", wearing Kenneth Pool

Blair Waldorf in "Gossip Girl", wearing Monique Lhullier

Rachel Berry in "Glee", wearing Patricia Nevil (L'ezu)

Ariel in "The Little Mermaid", wearing cartoon couture (we totally made that up)


Tess in "27 Dresses", wearing Amsale

Carrie Bradshaw in the "Sex and the City" movie, wearing Vivienne Westwood

Liv in "Brides Wars", wearing Vera Wang

Our favorites are Liv's Vera Wang gown and Carrie's Vivienne Westwood dress. What's yours? 

2012 Billboard Awards

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards were Sunday night and the stars were taking fashion straight from the wedding gown runway! 

As seen below, reds, pinks and blues have become the newest trends in the bridal gown industry, and Sunday night celebs were taking on that same trend with their red carpet looks.

Taylor Swift is in Elie Saab; Jordin Sparks is in Diane von Furstenberg; Carrie Underwood is in Oscar de-la Renta.

The trends didn't stop there. Celebs even donned wedding-esque suits that brides could be seen wearing  on their big day at the court house. Check them out below:


Miley Cyrus is in a Jean Paul Gaultier jacket; Amber Rose is in a skin-tight strapless dress; Lisa Marie Presley is in a Temperly of London dress, paired with a Alexander McQueen jacket.

And what is a bride without her bridal party?!? Celebs donned bridesmaid-esque gowns throughout the event, as seen below:


From short and flirty to long and flowing, Julianna Hough wore Kaufman Franco; Natasha Bedingfield wore Christian Siriano.

Our favorites of the night are Julianna Hough, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. What were yours?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flowering Arranging

Flower arrangements can get pretty pricy and since they are one of the most photographed pieces of your big day (besides you and your fiance), you want them to look perfect. It's important to pick wedding centerpieces and bouquets that fit your wedding style, so first find flower types you love. The Knot advises- "depending on what you're looking for, your flowers could end up taking a large portion of your budget. So keep that in mind and prioritize so that, no matter what, you end up with flowers you want."

You don't need a fancy florist to get the arrangements you imagine for your big day. In fact, you can do some arranging yourself to save a lot of money. Keep in mind the fact that the arrangements you see in magazines and in wedding photos are done my professionals with years of experience, so if yours do not turn out exactly how you imagined the first time, do not be disappointed. 

Lauren Conrad created a tutorial on how to create different floral arrangements using unique vases. She says, "A well-arranged bouquet is a lot like a well-styled outfit: Smart layers, contrast, and personal touches." For her step-by-step tutorial, visit her site: And for a tutorial on how to put together a peony bouquet (which can be duplicated with any flowers), Lauren breaks that down as well:

Happy bouquet-ing!  

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Hair Consultation Tips

Deciding what your hair will look like is very important. It not only makes the pictures, the dress and the make-up come together, but it defines your entire wedding ensemble and sets you a part from your wedding party.  This is why it is crucial for you to get a hair consultation.

Your first consultation should be at least 3 months before your big day. This way you can make sure that your stylist gets it right-or feel free to change your mind. However many appointments you want after that-that is between you and your stylists. We recommend 2 to make sure you have it perfect.

Lastly, don't forget to take PLENTY of pictures! You may forget what it looked like the first time that you went (and the stylist certainly won't remember with all of the clients they have) and you don't want to start completely over the second time (or you may, if you decide later that you do not like it).

Our advice:

*Choose someone who has experience doing hair for photo shoots, TV, film or theater. (or obviously weddings)  They understand what is necessary for those up close glamorous shots throughout your big day as well as how much time your hair will take when working with a budgeted amount of time. 

*When you go for your pre-wedding consultation, bring a picture of both the front and back of your wedding dress, as well as the jewelry that you plan on wearing to your wedding, as both of these can factor in how you want your hair to look. Whether it be up or down, these details matter as you do not want your hair getting caught in your jewelry or if you are going without jewels, you may want to go for a down look, with your hair sweeping against your neck.

*If your wedding gown is strapless, wear a tube top to the consultation so that you can get a visual of what your hair will look like against your bare shoulders. 

*Don't forget to bring your vail-as this may affect how you want your hair styled. 

*Plan a night out the evening of your trial to make sure the style doesn't fall out after an hour—or two minutes. Go dancing after and get drinks with the girls to make it a fun night for everyone. If your hair falls out after an hour or two-that's a sign that something needs to be fixed. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

La Gartier

The garter toss has been around for ages, but the tradition has changed. It used to be that the bride and groom had to show proof of their wedding consummation, and in order to do so, it was common tradition to have people such as family and friends come into the room with the couple. The "witnesses" would obtain the garter as "proof" of the consummation. Another tradition of good luck was obtaining a piece of undergarments from the couple, so onlookers would try to grab them. This, however, was not a tradition that the bride or groom were found of, and so the tradition moved from the bedroom to the reception room. This is the tradition we know today- where the groom removes the garter from the bride's leg and tosses it at all of the single men.

Now, much like other accessories the bride wears on her big day, garters have become a staple of fashion. Bows, lace, rhinestones, pearls-etc-La Gartier has brides covered with the most glamours garters you will find! Don't see exactly what you want? No problem! Brides can get a customized garter to fit her style and personality. "Brides have the opportunity to pick from a wide array of materials to create an entirely unique, personalized garter for her special day--to keep for the rest of her life. Pick from silk trim to grosgrain ribbon, from fresh sea water pearls to swarovski crystal rhinestones, all the way to the designer's collection of vintage jewelry....La Gartier has everything you need to make a garter that says 'YOU'", says their web site.

Need some inspiration or want to take a look at their collection? Visit their catalog or "custom gallery" for ideas on the perfect design for your big day! Below are 2 from their unique collection. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


My Inspired Wedding says, "From sprays of glittering jewels in the midst of tulle to headbands complete with Swarovski crystals and pearls, the Fall/Winter trend of non-traditional veils is bringing out the best creative minds in the wedding industry!"And we KNOW a thing or two about non-traditional veils!

Feathers and tulle, beads, velvet and flowers- these are the current trends in accessories and veils, and they are ALL available on our web site! From Justine M Couture, Enchanted Atelier, Stephanie Browne, Elle & Jae, Avant Bride, Halo & Co, and now Kitty Andrews- we offer a wide variety of veils to chose from.

My Inspired Wedding included some unique veils, including some that we offer, that would make any bride look stunning on her big day.

If romance and bling is your style, Justine M Couture is a perfect fit. From flower hair pieces to rhinestone tiaras, her pieces are gorgeous and will make any bride feel like a princess.

If belts are more of your style, and you want to add a unique element to your wedding gown, then Elle & Jae is your girl! From crystal rhinestones to black velvet, these belts each have their own personality and can make any gown really "pop". 

The ideas for unique ways to add your own style to your wedding are endless, and we provide brides the opportunity to explore that style without the cost of buying high-end designer pieces.  Check us out at: 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Disney Weddings

Walt Disney made us believe in "happily ever after" with his iconic princess movies and uttered the infamous "a dream is a wish your heart makes." Now Brides and their bridal party can feel like Disney princesses in Alfred Angelo's "Fairy Tale Weddings" bridal collection. No Disney princess is left out-from Cinderella to Belle to Tiana, every girl can embody her favorite Disney princess. Below are a few examples of the gowns from the collection.

Alfred Angelo's "Fairy Tale Weddings" collection is not just for brides. The collection includes bides maid dresses as well as flower girl dresses that take after the iconic Disney princesses. There are nine dresses to chose from, available in 60 different colors, so they will go with any wedding theme. Below are a few from the gorgeous collection.

To see all of the gowns available in Alfred Angelo's "Fairy Tale Weddings" collection, visit:

And what good is a beautiful gown without glass slippers? Well, Christian Louboutin is making those dreams come true by redesigning the iconic Cinderella slipper. The shoe designer, famous for his red soles, will unveil his designs this summer, in celebrating the re-release of Cinderella on DVD and Blu-ray in the fall. Louboutin explains, "I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world."

Wedding Trends For 2012

New York Fashion Week has come and gone but the bridal fashion trends are not. With Oscar de la Renta's blues and Vera Wang's reds, there were a lot of unique styles. So what exactly are the wedding fashion trends for 2012-2013? Let's break it down for you...

Lace has ALWAYS played a factor in the wedding trend, and this year it is definitely remaining prominant. From the smaller details to covering entire gowns, this simple fashion statement makes bridal gowns as gorgeous as usual.

*something blue
Oscar de la Renta blew (no pun intended) everyone away with his newest bridal collection that had lots of blues. From bridal gowns to flower girls, his collection certainly put the "blue" in something blue.

*dark and light
Vera Wang shocked everyone last year when she debuted her black wedding gowns. But now it seems Vera was ahead of the game. Alfred Angelo, Romona Keveza and Carolina Herrera all added black details to their wedding  gown collections this year.

There are different ways that one can accessorize her wedding gown. Bows are in this season for doing just that. From big front and center bows to the smaller, less obscure bows, they are all the rage for this year's accessory. Designers Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta both decked out their gowns with bows for this year's season. If girly is what you want for your big day, then bows are your go to choice!

Bling is always in when it comes to wedding gowns. Whether it is understated or full on bedazzled, Monique Lhuillier, Rivini and Temperley’s new designer gowns are hard to not look away from, with lots of embellishment and sparkle! Rivini's collection, inspired by a painting of a ballerina, include  detailed bead work and fluid silhouettes.

Vera Wang has stepped up her game this season, going from daring black to bold red. The color, a symbol of good fortune and joy in Chinese culture, is often worn by brides for their big day. "It’s a celebration of love", explained Vera. But Vera is not the only designer to dip into the bold colors. Oscar de la Renta and Romona Keveza's bridal gowns consist of reds as well.  

Ball gowns are always in style and this season the layers are in full force with big skirts, plenty of tulle, and a lot of volume. The poofier-the better!

Bridesmaids dresses are going purple-noticebly in the lilac hue. With flirty, short gowns flowing in multiple shades of purple, bridesmaids are sure to stand out this season!