Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Hair Consultation Tips

Deciding what your hair will look like is very important. It not only makes the pictures, the dress and the make-up come together, but it defines your entire wedding ensemble and sets you a part from your wedding party.  This is why it is crucial for you to get a hair consultation.

Your first consultation should be at least 3 months before your big day. This way you can make sure that your stylist gets it right-or feel free to change your mind. However many appointments you want after that-that is between you and your stylists. We recommend 2 to make sure you have it perfect.

Lastly, don't forget to take PLENTY of pictures! You may forget what it looked like the first time that you went (and the stylist certainly won't remember with all of the clients they have) and you don't want to start completely over the second time (or you may, if you decide later that you do not like it).

Our advice:

*Choose someone who has experience doing hair for photo shoots, TV, film or theater. (or obviously weddings)  They understand what is necessary for those up close glamorous shots throughout your big day as well as how much time your hair will take when working with a budgeted amount of time. 

*When you go for your pre-wedding consultation, bring a picture of both the front and back of your wedding dress, as well as the jewelry that you plan on wearing to your wedding, as both of these can factor in how you want your hair to look. Whether it be up or down, these details matter as you do not want your hair getting caught in your jewelry or if you are going without jewels, you may want to go for a down look, with your hair sweeping against your neck.

*If your wedding gown is strapless, wear a tube top to the consultation so that you can get a visual of what your hair will look like against your bare shoulders. 

*Don't forget to bring your vail-as this may affect how you want your hair styled. 

*Plan a night out the evening of your trial to make sure the style doesn't fall out after an hour—or two minutes. Go dancing after and get drinks with the girls to make it a fun night for everyone. If your hair falls out after an hour or two-that's a sign that something needs to be fixed. 

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