Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flowering Arranging

Flower arrangements can get pretty pricy and since they are one of the most photographed pieces of your big day (besides you and your fiance), you want them to look perfect. It's important to pick wedding centerpieces and bouquets that fit your wedding style, so first find flower types you love. The Knot advises- "depending on what you're looking for, your flowers could end up taking a large portion of your budget. So keep that in mind and prioritize so that, no matter what, you end up with flowers you want."

You don't need a fancy florist to get the arrangements you imagine for your big day. In fact, you can do some arranging yourself to save a lot of money. Keep in mind the fact that the arrangements you see in magazines and in wedding photos are done my professionals with years of experience, so if yours do not turn out exactly how you imagined the first time, do not be disappointed. 

Lauren Conrad created a tutorial on how to create different floral arrangements using unique vases. She says, "A well-arranged bouquet is a lot like a well-styled outfit: Smart layers, contrast, and personal touches." For her step-by-step tutorial, visit her site: And for a tutorial on how to put together a peony bouquet (which can be duplicated with any flowers), Lauren breaks that down as well:

Happy bouquet-ing!  

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