Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bridal Hair

Spring is almost over, which means summer weddings are just around the corner. So how does one do their hair for a summer wedding? Check out three styles we love, below:

1) Cute and Easy Up-Do

need: headband

Start with curled hair and tease the crown of your hair at the routes so it creates volume. Next, smooth it out and then put the headband on top of your head. Grab sections of your hair and tuck them into the headband. When you are done, frame your face by tucking in any remaining hair. It is THAT simple!

**pair this with our Terri Headband for a fun and simple look**

2) Upside Down French Braid Bun

need: small elastic bands, bobby pins and elastic, brush, hair mouse, chignon 

We recommend doing this with hair that is a day or two dirty (not with freshly washed), because it makes it easier to braid. Flip your hair upside down, brush it and then apply some mouse throughout your hair. Once done, separate a section of your hair at the naple of your neck. Seperate that section into three strands; bring the left strand over the middle and the right strand over the middle. Make sure that you are holding onto it nice and tight. Seperate another section of hair and bring it into the same section and repeat over and over (like you would for a french braid). Once you've reached the crown of your head, take the elastic and secure the braid. Brush your hair into the center and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure with another elastic band. Take the chignon and put it over the ponytail and fountain out your hair all around the chignon. Tuck your hair underneath the bun all around and secure with bobbypins around the entire bun.

**pair this with our Leigh Comb for a gorgeous dramatic look!**

3) Valentine's Day/ Classic and Romantic Half up/Half Down Up-Do

need: curler, hair brush, bobbypins, hair spray, heat spray

Brush your hair thoroughly so there are no tangles. Bring forward your bangs and bobbypin them away from your face. Tease the crown of your head by spraying the hair spray on your brush and then teasing. Grab more hair from the top and repeat. Repeat one more time and then smooth your hair out with the brush. Pull back some of the hair from your right side and bobbypin back. Release the previously pinned back front portion of your hair (the bangs) and pin back a small portion of your hair. Brush your bangs and tease slightly with hair spray so there is volume. Bring the bangs back towards your ear and secure with a bobbypin.
Next, spray your hair with heat protectant to prepare for curling. Let it dry and start taking the bottom section of your hair and start curling from the middle, down. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat for the rest of your hair, curling by sections.  (note: it helps to clip back the sections of your hair that you are not curling so they are out of the way) When done, spray the hair with hair spray. And you are DONE.

**pair this with our Kate Tiara for a complete romantic look!**

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