Monday, December 3, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

Here are a few of my favorite things that make for perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays!! Which is your favorite???

Dermstore Lip Quench- Not only is this perfect for chapped lips (who wants that during a wedding) but it adds a hint of color to your lips as well. No need for lip gloss!

Jergens Natural Glow- For the perfect natural tan, this is the solution. It adds a tinted glow to your skin without the harmful affects of UV light. Who wants to look pale on their big day?

VS PRO Radiant FX Face Illuminator- This is specially designed to replicate the perfecting glow of a soft-focus flash. This sheer, liquid-pearl formula blends effortlessly to diffuse the look of imperfections and give skin a warm glow. 
Fab in a Flash- Look like you spent an hour on your makeup with this 3-piece collection of mini grab-and-go essentials, perfect for primping on the run. The kit includes waterproof eyeliner, volumizing mascara and 100% natural lipgloss. 

Natural Whipped Body and Hand Butter- This all natural body lotion is handcrafted, made with shea butter and coconut oil.  
The creamy formula hydrates your skin with long lasting results. We love it because of the creamy whip, which adds moisture and brings a healthy look to your skin.