Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Wedding Braids

Five Strand Braid

tiny hair elastics
hair spray
hair curler
hair brush

Brush your hair and split into five equal sections. Hold sections 1 and 2 in your left hand and 4 and 5 in your right hand; leaving section 3 in the middle. Bring section 1 over 2 and under 3. Saying "over and under" helps so that you remember what you are doing. Keep repeating this until you have reached the end. Secure your hair at the end with a hair elastic. Pull on the strands of the hair to make the hair thicker. For the remaining hair that is left out of the braid, curl it with your hair curler. Curl for 10 seconds and then release. Run your fingers through so that you achieve more of a messy look. Lastly, spray the curled hair with hair spray. This makes a more romantic look that could be perfect for any engagement party, wedding or date.

Simple Braided Summer Hair

bobby pins
curling iron

This look can be achieved with straight or curly hair. If you want more of a romantic look, curl your hair and then proceed with the rest of the process.

Take a part of your bangs and braid it, creating a loose braid. Stop 2/3 of the way down and bring to the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. Take another section below the section you just braided and braid that section like you did the first one, and secure in the back with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side of your head and secure those braids so that they match up with the other two at the back of your head. Then you are DONE!

This simple look takes no time and is perfect for summertime when it is hot and you don't want your bangs in your face. This keeps them out of your way and creates a sexy, romantic look perfect for a wedding or date.

Bohemian Braids

curling iron
hair elastics
bobby pins
heat protectant spray
hair clip

Part your hair down the middle, from left to right. Separate front bangs into three sections and braid. Bring the front over the middle and the back over the front. Continue braiding it down. Secure with a hair elastic. Grab a section of hair that is in the middle front and braid like the first. Secure with an elastic. Take a section of your hair, above your ear, on the opposite of your head that you just braided and braid just as you did on the opposite side. Separate the bottom section of your hair on that side of your head and braid. Curl the remaining hair in sections (both sides) and spray with the heat protectant. Lastly, take the front braid that you first braided and tuck under your hair so that a small portion of the braid is peaking out. Secure the braid under your hair with a small hair clip. And you're DONE!

Whether your wedding is on the beach or at a hotel, this simple bohemian inspired look is perfect for summer.

images provided by LuxyHair

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers

Flowers are a big part of a wedding, and real flowers are often quite a big expense. So rather than blowing your budget on tons of floral arrangements, opt for some DIY flowers that can easily be made and look beautiful with real flowers. This will save you some money in the end.

I remember making everything and anything out of crepe paper in preschool and kindergarten. Now it is making a comeback in weddings. Whether used as simple table pieces or as hanging room decorations, paper crepe flowers dress up any venue with little effort. Crepe paper comes in any 
and all colors and is available at any craft or party store.

For a cute, unique table topper, you will need crepe paper, ribbon, scissors and a takeout box. To see step-by-step instructions, visit the Martha Stewart wedding site. 

For a bigger, over-the-top, tissue paper pom-pom room decoration, you will need tissue paper, floral wire and scissors. To see step-by-step instructions, visit the Martha Stewart site.  

images from: Martha Stewart 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

BRIDES.com has created a virtual world where soon-to-be-brides can try on dozens of gowns-without even leaving their homes! The site’s newest attraction even lets brides upload a picture of themselves so they see exactly how they look in each gown. Users can link directly to salons where they can make online appointments or buy a gown. The virtual program not only allows its users to upload their own photo to see what they might look like in different gowns, but it adapts dresses to match each individuals body type and size.  Brides get the benefit of trying on gowns without having to actually try anything on or go through a massive amount of gowns.  Brides can even share their top picks with family and friends to get a final say. This brings a whole new concept to online shopping.

To try out the new interactive portion of their site, go to: http://www.brides.com/wedding-dresses-style/dressing-room

Ballet Flats

photo from laurenconrad.com 

Ballet Flats

Flats have become very popular in the past few years-from formal black to animal prints, to glitter, this shoe is the perfect solution to the woman who doesn’t feel comfortable in heels or the working woman who wants to change up her wardrobe.  Ballet flats date back to the 16th century and were made popular in the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn. They are not only stylish, but also very versatile!

Ballet flats are also a great solution for tired feet at weddings. Whether the bride wants to don a pair herself or pass them out to the bridal party, this shoe is perfect for tired feet. Switching from heels to flats doesn’t just have to be for the bride or her bridal party either. Brides can leave a basket full of flats at the entrance of the reception area for guests who’s feet may get tired from dancing.  

Black slip-on flats, made by Dr Sscholls are available at Target (http://www.target.com/Dr-Scholls-Fast-Flats-Size/dp/B0040BGK6S/ref=sc_qi_detaillink) and many other drug stores and foldable ballet flats by AfterHeelz (http://www.afterheelz.net/store/Scripts/default.asp) come with a cute bag, while The Dessy Group (http://www.dessy.com/accessories/Duchess-Bridesmaid-Ballet-Flat?gclid=COOAobLU4qoCFYcZQgodeRDS6g) makes more up-scale flats that can be made in any color to match any wedding theme. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vera Wang Joins David Bridal

During Fall Vera Wang announced that she would be teaming up with David's Bridal to bring affordable yet stylish gowns for brides. Vera Wang, who is known for designing unique and pricey wedding gowns for the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Chelsea Clinton, and who's gowns were featured in the Sex and The City movie, has officially launched her wedding collection. As of July, Wang's gowns are available in David Bridal stores and online. Her collection, titled 'White by Vera Wang', features not only bridal gowns, but bridesmaids dresses and shoes as well. Sizes run 0-26, with prices ranging from $158-$198. This is a STEAL for Vera Wang!

To check out the 'White' collection, go to: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Browse_White-by-Vera-Wang

Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Lots of brides are going the alternative route when it comes to ideas for their weddings and for their reception. Whether it be non-traditional ideas or DIY projects, there are many cute ideas out there that can make a wedding different.

Save-The-Date Cards
A lot of the time couples go for more of the traditional invitation/save the date card that goes with the theme or color of the wedding. But what if you want to think outside the box?
A cute alternative save the date card that you can make yourself for little cost is a photobooth card. Have you ever gone to the mall and sat in the photobooth taking pictures with a best friend or boyfriend? If not, this is your chance. Combing romance and comedy can make for a creative and cute card that your guests will want to post on their fridge. Simply take at least two sets of photos in a photobooth (this way not everyone gets the same set of photos), write 'save' 'the' 'date' below each photo, make copies of the photos and cut into strips, format your wedding information onto one side of the paper, which should match the colors in your wedding, cut the paper into two and attach the photos to the opposite side of the paper. If you would like to make your cards look professional, you can add scrapbook corner tabs to the corners of the paper. This adds a nice finished look.

**This could also be used as an alternative to your engagement announcement or photos** 

Bouquet Toss
A pivital moment of any wedding reception is the bouquet toss. This is the time that all the single ladies get to shine. But for couples that go the more traditional route in their wedding theme or venue, or for those families who are more on the conservative side, a good alternative is flags. I know you're thinking-what? Have a jar set up with different colored flags (that go with your wedding colors or the theme. They don't even have to be flags. They could be any shape.) Have all of the single guests-of any gender-write their name (one to each flag) on the flag and place them in the ground where they think that the bouquet will be thrown to. This is a unique idea that makes it not only accurate, but less violent and tacky.

Guests love leaving their thoughts and advice for the newlyweds, but with guestbooks, most of the time they end up sitting on a coffee table or in a box somewhere in the basement. A unique idea to replace the guestbook but still keeping with the concept is postcards. Place a stack of white or colored (to go with your wedding theme) blank post cards/card stock/index cards on a table with different colored pens/markers/sharpies next to a string in the corner of the room. Have guests write a memory, story or piece of advice for the couple, hanging the paper on the string with clothespins or colored ribbon. This is not only a unique way to gather everyone's thoughts but it is a great way to entertain guests.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Hair Do's

Although summer is ending in a month, it is never too late to explore new hair options. Here are three easy summer styles that will go with any outfit and you can debut at the beach, a bar, the club, a party or a bbq.

Flirty, Curly Side Ponytail

need: curling iron, elastic band, bobby pins, hair brush

Use your hair brush to tease a small portion of your hair. Bring all of your hair to one side and secure it with the elastic band so that the ponytail is tight. If you have bangs, clip them to the back of your head with bobby pins. If you'd like to hide your elastic band, wrap a small portion of your hair around the elastic band until it no longer shows. Secure it with a bobby pin.
Next, curl your hair in sections, curling each section for about fifteen-thirty seconds, depending on how long it take your iron to curl your hair.  Then you are DONE! It is that easy!

Elegant Party Hair

need: curling iron, hair flower clip, hair brush, hair spray, heat protectant spray, bobby pins 
Brush your hair so that you get all the tangles out and your hair is smooth. Next twist a section of your hair by your ear at the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Spray the rest of your hair with heat protectant and let dry. Take out a section of your hair and clip back the rest. Curl the section (away from your face, starting in the middle of the hair, for fifteen seconds) and continue to do so with the remaining hair. Spray your hair lightly and then clip back your bangs (if you have them) with the flower clip. Then you are DONE! Simple, right?

Model/Bed Hair

need: curling iron, hair wax, hair brush, heat protectant, hair spray, hair clips
Know that 'just got out of bed but my hair still looks amazing' that models often sport? This is the hair that you are creating with this look.
Spray the heat protectant all over, especially on the ends of your hair. Let it dry for a minute or two. Next grab a section of your hair and clip the rest of your hair away. Brush out the section so that you get rid of any tangles. Curl your hair starting at the bottom and then bring it up towards your face. Hold for fifteen to twenty-five seconds. Slowly release. You should have a loose wavy look. Grab another section of hair and curl. Continue to do so with the rest of your hair until it is all curled. Next put some hair wax in your hand and rub your hands together. Then run your fingers throughout your hair, scrunching it so that it gets all throughout. This will create more texture in your hair.
To gain more volume, grab a section of the back of your hair towards the top and tease your hair with a brush. Brush it out and you will have a small poof. For even more volume and thickness, spray sections of your curled hair with hair spray all over your hair. If you want more texture, you can even add more wax once you are done, and separate the curls. That's it! Sexy, huh?

All of these looks are simple and easy to do. They don't take much time so you can do them before work or right before going out!