Thursday, August 11, 2011

Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Lots of brides are going the alternative route when it comes to ideas for their weddings and for their reception. Whether it be non-traditional ideas or DIY projects, there are many cute ideas out there that can make a wedding different.

Save-The-Date Cards
A lot of the time couples go for more of the traditional invitation/save the date card that goes with the theme or color of the wedding. But what if you want to think outside the box?
A cute alternative save the date card that you can make yourself for little cost is a photobooth card. Have you ever gone to the mall and sat in the photobooth taking pictures with a best friend or boyfriend? If not, this is your chance. Combing romance and comedy can make for a creative and cute card that your guests will want to post on their fridge. Simply take at least two sets of photos in a photobooth (this way not everyone gets the same set of photos), write 'save' 'the' 'date' below each photo, make copies of the photos and cut into strips, format your wedding information onto one side of the paper, which should match the colors in your wedding, cut the paper into two and attach the photos to the opposite side of the paper. If you would like to make your cards look professional, you can add scrapbook corner tabs to the corners of the paper. This adds a nice finished look.

**This could also be used as an alternative to your engagement announcement or photos** 

Bouquet Toss
A pivital moment of any wedding reception is the bouquet toss. This is the time that all the single ladies get to shine. But for couples that go the more traditional route in their wedding theme or venue, or for those families who are more on the conservative side, a good alternative is flags. I know you're thinking-what? Have a jar set up with different colored flags (that go with your wedding colors or the theme. They don't even have to be flags. They could be any shape.) Have all of the single guests-of any gender-write their name (one to each flag) on the flag and place them in the ground where they think that the bouquet will be thrown to. This is a unique idea that makes it not only accurate, but less violent and tacky.

Guests love leaving their thoughts and advice for the newlyweds, but with guestbooks, most of the time they end up sitting on a coffee table or in a box somewhere in the basement. A unique idea to replace the guestbook but still keeping with the concept is postcards. Place a stack of white or colored (to go with your wedding theme) blank post cards/card stock/index cards on a table with different colored pens/markers/sharpies next to a string in the corner of the room. Have guests write a memory, story or piece of advice for the couple, hanging the paper on the string with clothespins or colored ribbon. This is not only a unique way to gather everyone's thoughts but it is a great way to entertain guests.

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