Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has created a virtual world where soon-to-be-brides can try on dozens of gowns-without even leaving their homes! The site’s newest attraction even lets brides upload a picture of themselves so they see exactly how they look in each gown. Users can link directly to salons where they can make online appointments or buy a gown. The virtual program not only allows its users to upload their own photo to see what they might look like in different gowns, but it adapts dresses to match each individuals body type and size.  Brides get the benefit of trying on gowns without having to actually try anything on or go through a massive amount of gowns.  Brides can even share their top picks with family and friends to get a final say. This brings a whole new concept to online shopping.

To try out the new interactive portion of their site, go to:

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