Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Wedding Braids

Five Strand Braid

tiny hair elastics
hair spray
hair curler
hair brush

Brush your hair and split into five equal sections. Hold sections 1 and 2 in your left hand and 4 and 5 in your right hand; leaving section 3 in the middle. Bring section 1 over 2 and under 3. Saying "over and under" helps so that you remember what you are doing. Keep repeating this until you have reached the end. Secure your hair at the end with a hair elastic. Pull on the strands of the hair to make the hair thicker. For the remaining hair that is left out of the braid, curl it with your hair curler. Curl for 10 seconds and then release. Run your fingers through so that you achieve more of a messy look. Lastly, spray the curled hair with hair spray. This makes a more romantic look that could be perfect for any engagement party, wedding or date.

Simple Braided Summer Hair

bobby pins
curling iron

This look can be achieved with straight or curly hair. If you want more of a romantic look, curl your hair and then proceed with the rest of the process.

Take a part of your bangs and braid it, creating a loose braid. Stop 2/3 of the way down and bring to the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. Take another section below the section you just braided and braid that section like you did the first one, and secure in the back with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side of your head and secure those braids so that they match up with the other two at the back of your head. Then you are DONE!

This simple look takes no time and is perfect for summertime when it is hot and you don't want your bangs in your face. This keeps them out of your way and creates a sexy, romantic look perfect for a wedding or date.

Bohemian Braids

curling iron
hair elastics
bobby pins
heat protectant spray
hair clip

Part your hair down the middle, from left to right. Separate front bangs into three sections and braid. Bring the front over the middle and the back over the front. Continue braiding it down. Secure with a hair elastic. Grab a section of hair that is in the middle front and braid like the first. Secure with an elastic. Take a section of your hair, above your ear, on the opposite of your head that you just braided and braid just as you did on the opposite side. Separate the bottom section of your hair on that side of your head and braid. Curl the remaining hair in sections (both sides) and spray with the heat protectant. Lastly, take the front braid that you first braided and tuck under your hair so that a small portion of the braid is peaking out. Secure the braid under your hair with a small hair clip. And you're DONE!

Whether your wedding is on the beach or at a hotel, this simple bohemian inspired look is perfect for summer.

images provided by LuxyHair

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