Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Designer vs HappilyeverborroWED

 HappilyeverborroWED is known for giving brides designer pieces at a FRACTION of the cost. We provide women with the option to RENT verses buying hind end pieces that they'll only wear once. Below you will find practically identical bridal pieces from the designers themselves and then from HappilyeverborroWED. You can't beat a fraction of the cost for the same quality!



This pom pom flower hair accessory is $90 at David's Bridal and we rent it for $30. That's more than half the price!      

This Swarovski crystal floral headband is $179 at David's Bridal and we rent it for $70. That's 40% off!!   

This floral sash is $78 from Vera Wang but we rent it for $55. Ours also includes crystals to add some bling. 
This lace veil from David's Bridal is $200 and we rent it for $70. That is 35% off!    

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