Monday, September 3, 2012

How To: Wear a Veil

                         How To: Wear a Veil 

There IS indeed an art to wearing a veil. Some brides like wearing theres forward, some like wearing it all the way in the back. So which bride will you be? Find out by reading these steps on how to wear a veil, brought to you by Wedding Magazine

DO: Choose a veil that suits your dress, not your hair ’do.
The selection of a veil must be based entirely on what type of dress you decide to go with, and the hair styled accordingly.

DO: Bear in mind that how you wear your veil will affect your look 
A front-positioned veil tends to dominate the bridal style, but works very well if your hair is slicked back into a bun or roll. Veils worn behind a headband or tiara look best when hair is worn down and lightly curled.

Wearing a veil at the crown looks great if you have a discreet up-do or if you’re going for a half-up half-down effect. Attaching the veil to the crown area is also a good way to achieve height if you’re opting for a down-do. 

DO: Think about using a hair piece to hold your veil in place if you choose to
wear it down
Using a small hairpiece at the crown means the hair can be worn down, but it gives you something to attach the veil behind or in front of. If you don’t want to opt for a hairpiece, wearing a tiara and attaching the veil behind it will give you a point of attachment. 

DO: Consider your wedding location when opting for a veil
Really think about how you wear your veil if you are getting married somewhere unshielded from the wind, such as a country estate or park. You will be spending a lot of time outside in the grounds to get the perfect shots, and if it’s a windy day your veil could start blowing around and lifting up, which won’t make for the best photos.

DO: Have a practice run on your hair with your veil secured in place
When you’re having your hair trial, don’t forget to take your veil along with you. Also, someone, be it your mother or bridesmaid, should be on hand to help attach and take off the veil. This way they will understand how the veil is positioned, and know how to manoeuvre it once you’re ready to remove it.

And finally... DON'T go for a long veil if you have short hair, or if you intend to wear an understated dress.

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