Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Essentials

I know summer is half way over but it's never too late to talk about essentials. For those nights out, day trips, or summer vacations, these are the items you should have in your purse-just in case.

aloe vera- After a day in the sun, even if you aren't burnt, aloe vera is what your skin needs to repair itself. It soothes and moisturizes so that your burn can turn into a healthy tan. 

clear nail polish- Not only is it good for your nails and keeping them healthy & long, but in case of wardrobe malfunctions, such as a tare in stockings or fabric, clear nail polish is a quick fix to repair.

 body mist-No body wants to be sweaty or smelly and with the summer sun out, this is hard to prevent. Sometimes deodorant does not do the trick and you need more help. This is where a body mist can come in handy and if you get the right one, it'll last all day and won't over power you with smells.

moisturizing lotion-Lotion is a necessity in any girls purse but especially during the summer months. This is when the sun is taking moisture out of our bodies and we need to replenish it. Lotion does just this-if you get a moisturizing lotion.

sunglasses-With the sun beating throughout the day (and most of the night), it is important to protect your eyes and the right sunglasses, with uv protection, will do just that. Plus, they are always a stylish accessory!

sunblock- In Los Angeles, the summer days can get pretty gruesome with temperatures into the 100s. Sunblock is not just something that is needed, it is ESSENTIAL! Skin cancer is not a joke and wearing sunblock every day, even when you are only in the sun for a few minutes, is a sure way to prevent cancer or any other side affects that sunburns cause.

chapstick- Our lips, whether we realize it or not, loose moisture very easily and using a good chapstic every day will help to prevent chapped lips. 

blot film-Warm temperatures lead to sweat and sweat can lead to oily skin and acne. To prevent oily skin and uneven foundation, carry blot films in your purse to blot the sweat away when needed. They are small and will fit in any purse regardless of size. When you feel sweat dripping or like your skin is oily, regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not, blot yourself with the film and you will be ready to go in less than a minute!

makeup bag-It doesn't have to be a big bag, but a small makeup bag to carry all of the essentials listed above, is the most essential on the list. Place everything you need for the work day or a night out in the bag that is sure to fit into any sized purse. Then you are ready to go!

I hope all of these tips helped and that you will pile all of them into a small bag to take with you wherever you go!

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