Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Hair Trends

Flowers don't just have to be for your center pieces or bouquet. Florals are making their  way into the bridal world as a hair accessory. From fancy updos to simple braids, flowers give your hair that extra flair without too much distraction or bling.

The current trends in the bridal hair world include:
-updos in curls
-curly downdos
-low braided ponytail
-low side ponytail

All of these styles can be accessorized with flowers instead of a diamond broach or feather, for a less blinged-out, more simpler, look.

Down, up, to the side, braided, curled, or straight, adding a simple flower can make any bride look beautiful. You can check out some of the styles mentioned on WeddingChannel's web site under "Hairstyles."

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