Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here is a list of some of my favorite things that I use daily.


Daily cleanser-ProActive doesn't work, Mary-Kay has some okay products, and all the over the counter washes do not do the job. The best two products I have found that I swap daily are Bare Essentials' Purifying Facial Cleanser and Deep Cleansing Foam. Using these two simultaneously, I found, has not only cleared up my pours and my skin, but it also makes my skin more smooth. The healthy ingredients in these products will help slow down the aging process and are good for your skin. I felt the difference after one wash!

Foundation- I swear by Bare Essentials powder foundation. When I first started using make-up in middle school, I used cremes, which actually increase your breakouts and create oily skin. This is something none of us want. My mom introduced me to Bare Essentials powder and I have never gone back. There are plenty of other powders out there that claim they will do the same and may be cheaper, but Bare Essentials lasts for MONTHS and stays on for HOURS. I have even showered and not taken off the make-up if I am going to a night time event and do not want to have to re-do my make-up and the powder mostly stays on in the shower!
Recently Bare Essentials introduced their matte foundations, which not only last longer (if you can imagine) but go on smoother. If you didn't think that their foundation could get any better, they include SPF 15 to protect your face from the sun.

Concealer-I do not really consider this a concealer and I do not use it as such, but Bare Essentials' version, which they call "bisque", is what I use to cover up any and all acne that is on my face. When combined with the foundation, one would never know that you had acne underneath. The "bisque" comes in one color and contains SPF 20.

Skin Masks- I only use masks once in a blew moon because using them daily or weekly is not good for the skin. Finding one that actually works and doesn't stick when trying to peel off is hard to do. That is why I am so glad Forever 21 started making beauty products! They have a few masks that come in different 'flavors' including cucumber and kiwi yogurt that all include healthy ingredients for your skin. Each packet is only $1.80 and are good for 2 treatments. I say this is a steal!

Teeth- There are many whitening products out there and none work better, I have found, then good old toothpaste. Whitening strips are expensive and do not work or last. Professional whitening should be left to the stars who can afford it, and the only time you need that kind of whitening done is every six months at the dentist. So what is the best toothpaste? I have tried a lot of the years and I have found that Crest' 3D white toothpaste is the best. It not only comes in a tube so it's easy to access, but it also foams once inside your mouth and leaves your mouth feeling tingly clean. I noticed a major difference after about two days.


Eyeliner- Bare Essentials doesn't have an actual powder eyeliner which is what I prefer, but their powdered eyeshadows can be used as an eyeliner. I use their "oynx" which is a dark black and if applied correctly, can last almost all day. Don't be scared that it's an eyeshadow instead of a liner, because I have been using it for over a year and it works perfectly well-no problems.

Eyeshadow- There are TONS of different eyeshadow paletes and when it comes to my eye colors, I do not have a preference. I will buy any eyeshadow as long as it isn't a creme, which can get messy and does not last. But here are some shoutouts to some awesome eyeshadows: Forever 21, Gretchen Christine and Almay.

Mascara- Bare Essentials' Flawless Definition Mascara in black last all day and all night that I do not have to even touch-up to go from day to night. It lasts so well that when I wash my face at night, it is a little tough to wash off if I try with just water. The mascara brightens up my blue eyes and adds a touch of length even though I already have naturally long lashes. They also have a mascara for those who wish to add length to their shorter lashes. Both come in black only.


Lotion- Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works have the best lotions in terms of smell and moisture. Both stores are always having sales and have TONS of different smells to chose from. My favorites include: strawberry and champagne, love spell, sweet craving, endless love, sweet pea, black amethyst, ps I love you, and cucumber melon.

Foot scrub- Bath and Body Works True Blue foot scrub and foot creme work great just on their own and work even better together. If you have calluses on your feet like me, then your feet need extra special attention and these are the perfect solutions! Use the scrub in the shower then apply the creme when you get out. Even if you don't have calluses, these products work great after a long day of being on your feet.

Tanning Lotion- If you have pail skin like me and cannot get a nature tan, then you SHOULD NOT go to the tanning salon and jump in the tanning bed! Those cause skin damage and can lead to skin cancer. Don't worry, I have the perfect solution! Jergens Natural Glow is just like a moisturizing lotion except that it adds a natural glow to your skin-as if you had gone into the sun. Unlike other tanning products, Jergens Natural Glow doesn't have a nasty smell, is easy to use with no spilling, and goes on smoothly. Use everyday or every other day and you will have a natural, HEALTHY glow! If lathered on enough, it'll last through showering!

Body mist- Bodycology has multiple flavors of body mists but none of the ones that sounded good ended up smelling as good as they sound. "Fresh Waters" is a simple smell, as it does not smell like much, but during summer, it does the job for keeping cool and smelling good.


Shampoo/Conditioner- Another thing I swear by is Pantene ProV. Both their shampoos and conditioners work wonders. Who needs expensive salon products to protect, untangle and moisturize their hair? I certainly don't! Pantene ProV does the exact same thing! My personal favorite is "Dry to Moisturized" which keeps my hair moist and healthy.

Hairspray- Pantene ProV's  Anti-Humidity hairspray not only holds the curls in your hair for HOURS but it isn't sticky like other hairsprays. Whether needed to stay in for hours on end or just enough to last throughout the day, this is the best product to keep the curls in your hair!

Hope you try some or all of these products because TRUST me- they WORK!

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