Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Favorite Summer Styles

I never have really been one to be INTO the fashion styles or followed them, but I guess my Carrie Bradshaw side is coming out because I am loving some of this Summer styles! Here's a few of my favorite trends:

 Long, flowing skirts- I have always had a thing for skirts, but the new trend that is happening is LONGER skirts, which I just adore! Whether going to the beach, at work, or out for drinks with the girls, this style is perfect for any occasion.

BRIGHT neon colors- I have never liked bright or neon colors (except neon pink) but the trend of adding a bright, popping color to an outfit is genius! The color makes the outfit POP, turning a normal ensemble into a unique piece of art. Perfect for a night out or summer day at the office.

High-low skirts- I was never a fan of the high-low dress, but I think that the skirts are just adorable! I feel like it's a "party in the front, business in the back" kind of a skirt; one you can wear both to work or on a date. Worn with a belt, or without, these skirts are my current obsession!

Open back dresses- I used to think that open back shirts and dresses were totally tacky but now that they are being made into designs in the back (zig zags pictured here or my personal favorite-hearts), I find them ADORABLE! Whether on a date or partying with the girls, these dresses are unique and sure to cause attention!

 Color blocking-One of the biggest trends happening right now are color blocked dresses. Doesn't matter the color-as long as there is more than one in the mix, then you have it going on! I own a few dresses that have white or black on top and a different color on the bottom, and JUST bought another one. It is a fun way to play with color without completely losing it. Anyone can rock this style!

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