Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Attire

Summer is almost here, which means many of you will be attending weddings in the next couple of months. We blogged about how to dress for a wedding here: Spring Wedding Attire But what do you wear to a bridal shower?? 

Brides- stick to wearing white, as you would on your wedding day, and wear a cute, simple short cocktail-lile dress. (like seen below) From strapless to lace sleeves, these dresses are gorgeous each in their own way. Pair with a brighter color heel or flats for a dramatic look.

Guests- There are some simple rules to follow when it comes to attending a bridal shower. They include: 
1. Let the bride-to-be wear white.
2. Stay away from red. 
3. Don't wear black. 
Lauren Conrad goes into detail on her site on why these rules apply, but they are pretty self explanatory. 

DO wear the following: Belts. Stripes. Multicolor. Floral. 

Belts are very in this season, whether it be an actual leather belt or a make-shift belt made out of ribbon or another piece of fabric.

Stripes will make you stand out in pictures and will get you plenty of compliments, but will not take away so much from the bride-to-be. 

Mixing different colors together is also in this season (color blocking, anyone?) and is a fun way to wear your favorite colors at the same time.


Much like stripes, flowers will help you to stand out, but not so much that you take away the attention of the bride-to-be. Fun and flirty, florals are never a miss. 

Compliment each of these choices with a nude or brown wedge, adding a subtle dramatic fashion statement without taking away the drama from the fashion choice you made. 

Overall, have FUN with your outfit! There are many choices out there (the ones you see here are from Forever 21) when it comes to color, style and drama, so don't be afraid to mix it up! 


  1. Where can I find those white dresses you posted?

  2. The picture at the top? Or in my previous 'little white dress' post? Either way- the picture above is from Pintrest and the dresses from the other blog post are from Forever 21 or Google. haha.