Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you ever wanted a place online that you could post ideas and nifty finds so that you could look them up at any time? Are you tired of creating inspiration boards in the real world and then having to throw them out once the event is over? Now there is a place to do all of this without having to physically post anything. It is Pinterest.com. I discovered Pinterest from an event site that I follow on Twitter and figured I would share this wonderful site with those who would appreciate it (besides my mom). 

Pinterest is a great way to share and gain inspiration from blogging, design, lifestyle,  wedding and event planning. As someone who loves finding new recipes and DIY projects, Pinterest is a great place to find these new ideas and inspirations. As a detailed perfectionist dabbling in the wedding planning industry while building my event planning profile, Pinterest is a great place to post all of my ideas and findings for events-I have even dedicated an entire post to my OWN wedding! (which is YEARS down the road)  

The best part of Pinterest is that you can "pin" anything you find online so that when it comes to giving credit where it is due, you can figure out where you found the original piece. 

So how do you get started? It's simple, really. Go to Pinterest.com and click "invite" and provide your e-mail. You will get an e-mail with a link back to the site where you can set up your account. Once you become a member, go to the goodies page and download the "pin" button to your task bar so that you will now be able to "pin" whatever you see online.  

You will definitely get lost in the world of Pinterest (in a good way) - spending hours finding the coolest things out there. But it is totally worth it. Especially in the world of event planning. It can become an event planner's best friend where you can post all your ideas, your client's wishes and DIY projects. 

Happy "pinning"! :)

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