Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Bridal Hair

One of the things that can go wrong on your big day is your hair dresser not showing up. This is HIGHLY not likely to happen because no vendor is going to be a no show due to credibility and reputation, however,  if this DOES happen, every bride should be able to do pull off an updo of their own so that they are not freaking out on the day of and still look beautiful. Here are some classy looks that any bride can pull off:

For a seriously simple yet chic updo like below, follow these instructions:

1. spray a little hairspray all over your hair to give it some 'grab.'

2. tease at the crown of your head for extra lift
3. section off a small portion at the back of the crown and secure with bobby pins.

4. loosely grab a section on one side of your head and pull it back and over the bobby pins in the center. This is so that you do not see the bobby pins that you first used.

5. do the same on the other side and cross over the section that you just did. Secure with bobby pins.

6. next, swirl your hair in a circle, hold in place with one hand, and begin adding bobby pins into the circle to hold in place. Then you are done!

images provided by hairromance & thesmallthings

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