Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If the Shoe Fits...

                                                                   image provided by etsy

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate the date of your wedding and one of the most creative and cute way I have seen lately are on the bottom of the bride's shoes. On one shoe a bride can write in permanent marker "Mrs _______" and on the other, the date they tide the knot. But permanent marker seems a little tacky and may not last the entire night, so etsy has stickers that you can place on your shoes that you can customize and chose what color you want. It is a cute and simple way to say "I'm married".

                                                              image provided by theknot

An alternative to the date and name on the bride's heels is having the bridesmaids write a message on the back of the heel itself. This is a fun way for the bride and her bridal party to interact before the wedding madness begins and to remind the bride that she is loved by her bridesmaids. Much like a yearbook, the girls can write a simple message expressing their love, or a bit of advice for the bride-to-be. Using blue permanent markers provides the bride with her "something blue".

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