Monday, December 13, 2010


If you have a busy schedule like I do-whether it be school, work, or both, you have little time to be running around. Here are some of my favorite products that you MUST HAVE....

1. Milk Does a Body Good-  Hollywood producer and Makeup artist Kelly Andrea Rubin has a line of products that will be having you say exactly that. Her Extra Virgin Body Milks make skin feel soft and smooth while hydrating at the same time and maintaining a wonderful smell. 

2. A Refresher- I know you've all heard of Vitamin Water and now their new line of Vitamin Zero Water. But THIS water is better! Skinny Water is not only heathy but it tastes good as well. Inside there are tons of anti-oxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, ZERO sodium and ZERO preservatives. That's right- ZERO carbs!

3. Sweet Tooth- For those who need that piece of cake or cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of the day-or at work- this is for you. Instead of grabbing your usual scrumpcious cupcake, eat a sugar baby cupcake. They are smaller but still give you that satisfying sweet feeling.

4. Satin Fingers- As we get older, our hands don't get any younger. They dry out and sometimes lotion doesn't even help. Along with mositurizing your face in the morning and before bed, do the same with your hands. Mary Kay has a three step product that's easy to use and will leave your hands feeling moist and young again. The best part- it's fregrence free so it won't stain your clothes and people won't keep asking you what perfume you're wearing.

5. Daily Cleanse- Just like your hands and face need to be moisturized, they also need to be cleansed so that your porse don't clog and you don't break out. This is essential for those of you (like me) with oily skin. The solution? A cleanser that works on all skin types and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Kinrease gentle daily cleanser does just that. It's filled with green tea extracts and it cleanses without stripping away essential nutrients that your skin needs.

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