Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Burn Extra Calories

Now that we all have eaten at least two huge meals in the past two months and are feeling bad about it, it's time to get back into the grind of working out. But what if you hate going to the gym ( I feel ya) or can't afford it? Luckily for you there are some simple ways you can burn those extra calories without having to step inside of a gym!


1) Forget using the paper seat covers at restrooms (this may seem nasty but actually it's been proven that using them causes bacteria because the water tends to splash whereas actually sitting on the seat doesn't.) Instead, squat on the seat. This burns 5 calories.

2) For those who take forever deciding what to wear (ladies, we all do it), this is an easy one. Lung to pick up every shoe you try on for the day's outfit. This burns  5 calories.

3) When you're at work and have to talk to your boss or any other co-worker for a long period of time, squeeze and release your butt muscles 60 times. This burns  5 calories.

4) When you go and get your morning, afternoon or evening coffee or if you need to reach for something that is on a high shelf, rise up and down on your toes 15 times (this is to get a better view of the cute guys making your coffee that you haven't ordered yet). This burns  5 calories.


1) Belt out your favorite upbeat song for 15 minutes in the shower. If you have a shower radio, perfect. If not, put your cd player in the bathroom on the toilet and raise up the volume so that the water doesn't drain out the sound.  This burns  35 calories.

2) Pop in an episode of your favorite tv show that you happen to have on dvd. If you don't have it on dvd, then just watch something comedic that's on tv that'll keep you laughing for 30 minutes. This burns  50 calories. 

3) While you're making breakfast or packing your lunch for the day, dance to an upbeat song on the radio. This burns 20 calories. 

4) When out with your girls (or man), hold your drink for 20 minutes instead of directly putting it down on the table. This burns 60 calories. 

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