Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Wedding Attire

Spring Wedding Attire

Spring is here and Summer is in the not so distant future, which means it is wedding season!  So what do you WEAR to a wedding? Well, that all depends on the style of the wedding. Don't worry, we've got you covered for all!

The latest trends for Spring include bright, pastel colors, bold patterns, and unique fabrics. You can incorporate these styles into your wedding attire by shopping at your favorite stores and having fun with your look!

Whether you want a floral print, design or just a simple little black dress, Lauren Conrad, Forever 21, LuLus and LA Posh Style have a great deal to chose from! Check out my favorites below.

Things to remember...

1. Let the bride wear white. DO NOT even think about creams or off-whites. It is HER day. 
2.Stay away from red. You don't want to steal the attention away from the bride by donning a bright, bold color.
3. Don’t wear black.  Black is a negative color (ie: funerals) and the wait staff and event planner will be wearing black. Leave them to that. 
4. Know the wedding color. Don't get mistaken for part of the bridal party by wearing the same color as the wedding.

DO wear the following: Belts. Stripes. Multicolor. Floral. 








Stripes and patterns. Stripes and patterns will make you stand out in pictures and will get you plenty of compliments, but will not take away so much from the bride

Floral. Much like stripes, flowers will help you to stand out, but not so much that you take away the attention of the bride. Fun and flirty, florals are never a miss. 

Belts. Belts are very in this season, whether it be an actual leather belt or a make-shift belt made out of ribbon or another piece of fabric. 

Bold. Get creative with your color choice. Spring is all about bold, bright colors. 

Overall, have FUN with your outfit! There are many choices out there when it comes to color, style and drama, so don’t be afraid to mix it up! 

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