Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year... New Me

It's a new year so I've started doing some things differently...

My face

I have started the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) using extra virgin olive oil and tea tree oil. You are supposed to also use castor oil, but I have to order some. Recipe calls for 4oz castor oil, 4oz extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 drops tee tree oil. Apply on a dirty face (with make-up) nightly only. Run warm water underneath a wash cloth then apply the oil to your face in a circular motion. Apply the wash cloth over your face for a min or 2 (or until it cools) and wipe off all extra oil and make-up with the wash cloth.

I only started this last night but noticed a difference when I went to bed and when I woke up this morning. My face seemed to have already improved a little.

My body

I read somewhere that to clear up your back, you should wash your body AFTER you condition your hair. I put my hair up in a bun after conditioning it and wash my body as I usually would and keep my hair up until I get out of the shower.

I started taking Fish Oil. It's not only supposed to clear up your skin but it helps to stop heart disease.
I take 2 a day with a meal and water.

I switched to using baby oil to shave in December, but have continued to do so in 2013. Instead of spending $2-$3 on shaving gel that only lasts a few uses, I spend $1-$2 on baby oil, which lasts much longer. Not only does the baby oil give me a closer shave, but my legs feel smoother and less hairy. As I've grown older, I've had to start shaving more often because my hair grows faster, but with baby oil I get an overall better shave. It also helps to lengthen the life of my razor.

What are YOU changing in 2013???

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