Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bride's Guide

Are you a bride that cannot afford a wedding planner? Newly engaged and need help figuring out what steps to take first? Don't know what roles your bridal party play in your wedding?

Don't worry.... I stumbled upon this excellent guide that covers all of that and MORE! Just print it out, and you can take it with you so that you can pull it out whenever it's needed.

Wedding Magazine, which is a United Kingdom-based company, created this pdf guide that answers any and all questions that a bride may have.

What is covered...

*checklist of things to do, divided up by months
*where to wed (the places mentioned will not be helpful unless you are based in the UK but the basic ideas are helpful)
*questions to ask vendors
*places to go on your honeymoon based on month

To print access the guide, go to:

NOTE: There's a section that talks about the National Wedding Show. You can just ignore that entire section, as it is based in the UK, and won't be useful unless you plan on attending the show or live over seas.

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