Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photobooth: Say Cheese!

                                                           image provided by stylemepretty

I worked a wedding on Saturday and the hit of the night was the photobooth set up in the cocktail area. Guests could take as many photos as they wanted-while using props and hats to create funny pictures. This kept guests entertained throughout cocktail hour and the rest of the night as the photos printed instantly and in sets of two so more than one person could take a copy home. It was a fun and interactive way to make memories for the Big Day.

If your budget does not allow for a fancy photobooth, as these can be expensive, set up a digital camera or a Polaroid on a tripod and face it toward a blank wall.  Decorate the wall with fabric, streamers, or paint to create a fun backdrop. Provide guests with a table full or basket of props such as hats, boas, sunglasses, wigs, mustaches, etc to play with. If you know your guests are more the traditional type, ditch the props and go with a simple picture frame that guests can poke their heads into. 

                                                      image provided by mebophoto

In addition to guests taking photos, the couple had a table set up with scrapbooks and decorative stickers and pens to leave them well wishes. Instead of having a traditional guestbook, this is how the couple new who had attended. This is fun and creative for both guests and newlyweds. 

                                                           image provided by theknot

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